For several US communities municipal waste combustor (MWC) ash recycling has been a commercial reality for almost a decade with over 1 million tons processed and beneficially used to date. Yet, despite the successes to date a recent report by the Integrated Waste Services Association shows less than 5% of the 7.5 million tons of ash generated in the US is recycled and beneficially used [1]. The technological, scientific and myriad of commercial successes categorically demonstrate the feasibility of ash recycling. The next step is for communities, regulatory agencies, transportation departments, and customers to partner with businesses to recycle their ash stream in an economically and environmentally sound manner. An example of this “partnering for progress” is the focus of this paper. The ash recycling partnership described in this paper was presented the Pennsylvania Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence in 1999. Proving that Partnering is a win-win situation for businesses, communities and the environment.

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