A new technology for external rehabilitation of pipelines, known as XHab™, has been developed. This method involves wrapping multiple layers of ultra-high strength steel (UHSS) strip in a helical form continuously over an extended length of pipeline using a dedicated forming and wrapping machine. The reinforcement afforded by the strip can be used to bring a defective section of pipe (e.g. externally corroded or dented) back to its original allowable operating conditions, or even to increase the allowable operating pressure if the desired operating conditions exceed the original pipeline design limits. This paper describes the design, manufacture and testing process for a self-propelled wrapping machine for in-field rehabilitation. The wrapping apparatus consists of several major components including an opening sufficiently wide to receive the pipe, a movement assembly, a winding head, a preforming device, an accumulator and an oscillating adhesive applicator. The wrapping apparatus uses the winding head to wrap the reinforcing steel strip around the pipe. The movement assembly uses a pair of tracks in contact with the pipe to drive the wrapping apparatus along which enables helical wrapping of the reinforcing strip material. The oscillating adhesive assembly applies structural adhesive to the pipe immediately before the strip is wound. The winding head, motive assembly and adhesive applicator are electronically synchronized to one another to enable precise control of pitch and adhesive volume. The paper also describes the field application of XHab including mobilization/demobilization of equipment and interaction with other rehabilitation equipment, as well as specific aspects such as initiation and termination of wrapping, protection of rehabilitated area and implementation of cathodic protection.

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