Fractional calculus has been successfully applied to characterize the rheological property of viscoelastic materials, however, geomaterials were seldom involved in fractional order constitutive models (FOCM), and the issue of first loading and then unloading is rarely discussed through fractional calculus. It is considered that all materials are arranged in a queue and ideal solid and Newtonian fluid are located at both ends of the queue in FOCM. On the basis of FOCM, stress-strain relation under the condition of first loading and then unloading, besides creep, stress-relaxation and loading of constant strain rate are obtained. The stress-strain relation is utilized to fit triaxial test results of geomaterials under the corresponding conditions. The comparison between the test and fitting results reveals that FOCM can reasonably describe the stress-strain, stress-time or strain-time characteristics of geomaterials, which shows that fractional calculus is a good tool to constitutive model research of geomaterials.

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