After more than 55 years of activities of the Nuclear Research Institute Rez (NRI) in the nuclear field, there are some obsolete nuclear facilities that shall be decommissioned. NRI is a leading institution in all areas of nuclear R&D in the Czech Republic. NRI has had a dominant position in the nuclear programme since it was established in 1955 as a state-owned research organization and it has developed to its current status. In December 1992, NRI has been transformed into a joint-stock company. The Institute’s activity encompasses nuclear physics, chemistry, nuclear power, experiments at the research reactor and many other topics. Main issues addressed in NRI in the past decades were concentrated on research, development and services provided to the nuclear power plants operating VVER reactors, development of chemical technologies for fuel cycle and irradiation services to research and development in the industrial sector, agriculture, food processing and medicine. The NRI operates two research nuclear reactors, many facilities as a hot cell facility, research laboratories, technology for radioactive waste (RAW) management, radionuclide irradiators, an electron accelerator, etc. The obsolete facilities to be decommissioned comprise various research facilities and facilities for RAW management. Decommissioning of nuclear facilities NRI is the only ongoing decommissioning project in the Czech Republic. Decommissioning started in 2003 and will be finished in 2014. Some facilities have already been successfully decommissioned.

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