The first part of this paper describes the test facility to characterize the catalytic combustor. The combustion chamber is a LPP combustor (Lean Premixed Prevaporised), made of preheater, premix duct, catalytic part and after burner. Each component will be validated separately for the required conditions (steady state and transient conditions). All the measurements and data acquisition are described.

The second part deals with the test facility for the hot spin test of the ceramic wheel. The base of the test bench is a modified turbocharger (maximum rotating speed: 125000 r.p.m.). With this configuration it will be possible to test the ceramic radial wheel within the AGATA specifications; in this case the compressor is used like a brake.

The last part is devoted to two ceramic heat exchanger test rigs: the first rig is to evaluate the themomechanical stresses on the samples; the second rig to assess the performance compared to the AGATA specifications and to duplicate the transient and thermal shock conditions. In this program the heat exchanger is fixed.

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