The Petroleum Energy Center (PEC) in Japan is overseeing a seven year development program with the purpose of determining the potential of an automotive ceramic gas turbine (CGT), utilizing funding from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry. This program is scheduled to be completed in fiscal year 1996. A Regenerative-Type Single-Shaft Engine was developed, having a target turbine inlet temperature (TIT) of 1350°C and output power of 100kW.

Each component has achieved or nearly met the respective design target level and the output performance tests of the engine have reached their final stage. Durability tests of some components have been completed, and others are ongoing. A 100hr durability test of the engine has also started.

This development project started in FY 1990 after a two year feasibility study and preliminary design effort. After deciding on the engine specifications and completing the structural design, development and testing of individual and multiple components was carried out. Then the developmental progress of each component technology was reviewed and quantified, the results summarized, and corrective measures were applied during the latter half of the CGT development project. Anticipated difficulties, problem areas, and other obstacles which arose during the development were given extra emphasis during the individual component tests and full assembly tests. Many advanced technologies in component performance improvement, application of ceramic materials, engine structures and so forth were accumulated throughout the seven year development period.

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