In 1990, BMW and Rolls Royce plc (RR) joined to form a new company BWW-Rolls-Royce GmbH (BRR), to develop the BR700 family of engines aimed at the 12K and 25K lbs thrust range, using advanced technology and a modern organisation working in integrated teams to minimise the engine development timescales. After a successful development programme the BR710 engine rated at 14K lbs thrust, will shortly enter service in Gulfstream and Canadair Executive Jets.

The recent launch of the BR715 engine at 21K lbs thrust, builds on the high pressure core developed for the BR710, plus a low pressure system with an increased diameter fan and 2 stage booster driven by a three stage turbine.

This paper will describe, the advanced design technology incorporated, including the latest three dimensional aerodynamic philosophy using advanced high lift aerofoils for reduced parts count, plus the mechanical design issues addressed to optimise the LP turbine module configuration and the simultaneous design/make process employed to achieve the required parts delivery timescales.

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