The flow field inside an annular compressor cascade is numerically investigated. The mean flow features are complex three-dimensional zones of turbulent separation at hub and shroud at high inflow angles. The flow field is investigated with an implicit three-dimensional Navier-Stokes code. To predict turbulent effects the flow solver includes two different variants of a Low-Re-number k-ϵ-model and an algebraic Reynolds-stress-model. Using the Low-Re-number model the structure of the regions of separated flow are fairly well predicted. However, intensity and size of these zones are too small compared with the experimental data. Better results are produced using the anisotropic algebraic Reynolds-stress-model combined with a stagnation point modification of the turbulent production term. Stucture and intensity of the vortex systems are simulated in more detail. Static pressure distributions and loss contours are in a very good agreement with the experiments.

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