WR-21 is the designation for the Intercooled, Recuperated (ICR) Gas Turbine Engine System currently under development for the U.S. Navy (USN), with the Royal Navy (RN) and French Navy as major participants. The purpose of the program is to design, develop and qualify a fuel efficient engine system for surface ships. A key enabling technology for the ICR Engine System is the recuperator used to recover exhaust gas heat for reinsertion into the engine cycle thereby reducing specific fuel consumption. A test of a full scale, reduced capacity WR-21 recuperator core was conducted at the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division, Ship Systems Engineering Station (NSWCCD-SSES) to determine system response to transient maneuvers typical to ship gas turbine engines. Existing Navy gas turbines located at the site were used to provide the air and gas media for the test apparatus. The test program was directed by Northrop Grumman Marine Systems, the ICR prime contractor, and Allied Signal Aerospace, the recuperator manufacturer. This paper provides a description of the core test premise, test facility, test instrumentation, test experiments and resultant test data.

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