The WR21 Intercooled Recuperated (ICR) Gas Turbine Engine is being developed as the prime power plant for future US and Foreign Navy ship applications. The development test program started in July 1994 and is still ongoing. One of the many challenges of the ICR design is the development of the compressors and intercooler (IC) wash system. The integration of the IC between the intermediate pressure compressor (IPC) and high pressure compressor (HPC) is unique to current US Navy applications and has introduced new design considerations from traditional wash development programs that must be addressed. Significant increase in wetted surface area of the heat exchanger (HX) matrix and the radial flow are two design aspects unique to the WR21.

This paper reviews the design of the WR21 engine and the challenges it offers to developing both crank and on-line compressor/IC wash systems. The baseline design of the water wash systems are discussed, in addition to the water wash test program and its integration into the overall WR2I development program. Details are also given of the off-engine wash delivery system and salt injection systems in place at the test site. Crank wash test results to date are also presented.

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