This experimental investigation reports the convective heat transfer coefficient around the rotor of a transonic turbine stage. Both time-resolved and time-averaged aspects are addressed. The measurements are performed around the rotor blade at 15%, 50% and 85% span as well as on the rotor tip and the hub platform. Four operating conditions are tested covering two Reynolds numbers and three pressure ratios. The tests are performed in the compression tube turbine test rig CT3 of the von Karman Institute, allowing a correct simulation of the operating conditions encountered in modern aero-engines. The time-averaged Nusselt number distribution shows the strong dependence on both blade Mach number distribution and Reynolds number. The time-resolved heat transfer rate is mostly dictated by the vane trailing edge shock impingement on the rotor boundary layer. The shock passage corresponds to a sudden heat transfer increase. The effects are more pronounced in the leading edge region. The increase of the stage pressure ratio causes a stronger vane trailing edge shock and thus larger heat transfer fluctuations. The influence of the Reynolds number is hardly visible.

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